By Lars Dalseide | December 10 2010 06:03
Phil Schreier and Doug Wicklund receive the 2010 NRA EVP Achievement Awards

At the end of every calendar year, the National Rifle Association recognizes the accomplishments of outstanding employees with "Achievement Awards." When said employee's efforts are above and beyond, the bar is raised to the Executive Vice President's Excellence Award. The Executive Vice President's Excellence Award, or EVP, is not awarded every year as it is reserved for truly exceptional accomplishments.

This year, the EVP Award was bestowed upon National Firearms Museum Senior Curators Phil Schreier & Doug Wicklund. In the words of NFM Director Jim Supica;

These two names were submitted jointly, because their exceptional efforts resulted in a pretty spectacular achievement – which could not have been created without their shared contributions. Both were steadfast and goal-oriented throughout what was often a hectic and confusing situation. By not giving up, by maintaining their focus and dedication throughout a daunting process that was often in flux, they successfully implemented what has been called “the finest firearms gallery in the county” – the Petersen Gallery.

One of these individuals provided the leadership and vision for the overall gallery design and construction. He also performed exceptional work in managing the extended process to acquire, transport and evaluate the entire Petersen collection – which was in excess of 2,000 firearms.

The other applied his outstanding organizational skills and vast wealth of subject knowledge to the handling, identification, storage and conservation of the entire Petersen collection. Again, this was well over 2,000 firearms. He also provided the drive and organization to design and implement the exhibit and its signage.

Together, their creativity and outstanding teamwork, and long long hours of hard work produced the crown jewel of the National Firearms Museum. Please join me in congratulating this year's EVP winners, Phil Schreier and Doug Wicklund.

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