By Kyle Jillson | December 8 2010 06:40

Last week, while the NRA Field Representatives were visiting NRA Headquarters for the Field Operations Annual Planning Meeting, one of the events they attended was a Merchandise Preview for the upcoming 2011 Friends of NRA banquet season.

For the fifth year now, Field Reps are able to walk around a room that displays a plethora of items that can be ordered for their Friends of NRA events. Being able to pick up and examine the merchandise gives the Field Reps a much better idea of what they're getting for their banquet-goers rather than looking through a magazine. Reps get a chance to speak with the vendors themselves and really personalize their events for what their region has liked in the past.

Being a Field Rep is no easy job and they put in an extraordinary amount of work year-round for their respective regions. Take a look at this sneak peak of 2011's Friends of NRA merchandise and see if you can spot your Field Rep.


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