By Kerrin Brinkman | November 19 2010 15:43

NRA Board of Directors Member Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North (USMC Ret.) recently released a new book, American Heroes in Special Operations. The New York Times best-selling author and host of War Stories on the FOX News Channel visited NRA Headquarters last fall to sign copies of his previous book, American Heroes, speak to the Virigina Gun Collectors Association, and celebrate the grand opening of the National Firearms Museum's new gift shop. Here's information about Lt. Col. North's latest literary release chronicling untold stories of bravery and patriotism:

Cover of American Heroes in Special Operations Washington, DC, Nov. 1, 2010 – As the United States observed the start of the tenth year of conflict in Afghanistan, President Obama posthumously honored SSG Robert J. Miller with the Medal of Honor, the highest decoration that can be bestowed on a member of the U.S. Armed Forces. Staff Sergeant Miller, a Green Beret, lost his life while protecting his fellow soldiers during an enemy ambush in a remote area of Afghanistan in 2008.

In American Heroes in Special Operations (978-0-8054-4712-5, $24.99) Oliver North provides a gripping, first-hand look at the harrowing experiences of America’s elite forces fighting in the shadows of the War on Terror. Included among the more than three dozen stories is an insider account of the January 2008 Battle for Bari Kowt, where SSG Miller made the ultimate sacrifice.

Robert Miller was one of thousands of extraordinary Americans who comprise U.S. Special Operations forces, the elite “shadow warriors” who undertake some of the most sensitive and high-risk missions in the world. The selfless men and women who volunteer for these extremely dangerous assignments do not seek publicity or fame, so their personal stories and eyewitness accounts are rarely shared with the public.

“There are no greater American Heroes than those who serve in Special Operations,” says North. “They rarely receive the recognition they deserve for the risks they take, the skills they employ, or the sacrifices they make. American Heroes in Special Operations is aimed at letting the American people have an inside look at who these remarkable young men and women are and what they do for us.”

Beginning with the immediate response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States, American Heroes in Special Operations offers an inspiring chronicle of the extraordinary young men and women who make up the world’s most elite fighting forces: Air Force Special Operations units, the Army’s Green Beret Special Forces, Rangers, Night Stalkers, Marine Special Operations Teams, Navy SEALs and their counterparts in the CIA and DEA.

North and editor Chuck Holton, a former Army Ranger, share more than three dozen riveting true stories drawn from their own experiences on scores of missions with Special Operations units around the world, as well as extensive interviews with those who risk their lives on these dangerous, often classified assignments. Three hundred full-color photos of “Spec-Ops” teams in action—many taken by the eyewitness participants themselves—powerfully illustrate these stirring written accounts.

To purchase the book or learn more, go to Fidelis Publishing's website.


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