By Lars Dalseide | November 18 2010 16:42

Always looking for new and exciting examples of breathtaking firearms to share with the viewing public, National Firearms Museum Director Jim Supica reaches back into the Robert E. Petersen gallery to pull out a trio of elephant guns. Each come fully stocked with a big Szecsei & Fuchs double barrel rifle on NRAblog game caliber and a big time design.

The centerpiece of the offering is a Szecsei & Fuchs double barrel bolt action rifle. Yes, we'll say it again, a double barrel bolt action rifle. As the story goes, Hungarian born Joseph Szecsei was out on safari when the unbelievable happened – a cadre of three bull elephants charged his position. Though able to escape unharmed, he swore never to be caught in that situation again. Upon his return from safari, he set up shop and began working on the world's first eight-shot double bolt action rifle.

Loading two cartridges at once, the .416 Remington Magnum rifle comes beautifully decorated with engravings of leopards, rhinos, buffaloes and lions.

But that's just one of the three guns set to appear on tonight's edition of Curator's Corner. The other two, a bolt action rifle and a double barrel elephant gun, also come ordained with an astounding collection of power and engravings. For their stories, however, you'll have to tune into the show.

That's tonight, Thursday the 18th of November at 10:40 pm Eastern Time. There you'll be joined by Jim Supica and Wendy Cunningham as the National Firearms Museum presents the Petersen Elephant Guns for Curator's Corner on and Sirius/XM Patriot.

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