By Kerrin Brinkman | November 9 2010 14:47
NRAblog recently caught up with Ann Marie Foster, Women On Target® Hunt Coordinator here at NRA Headquarters. It’s no secret that when she isn’t in the office setting up new women’s hunting excursions, Foster is often out in the field, helping introduce women across the country to the joys of hunting.

Due to the popularity of the program and the increasing demand for more women-only hunts throughout the nation, Foster has the help of two new Women On Target® Field Hunt Coordinators. Tracy Splechter from Kansas and Angie Patak of Texas have come onboard as Field Hunt Coordinators to coordinate hunts in their home state and surrounding areas. They’ll work with outfitters, guide services, and individuals to contract a variety of hunts, including at least one per year specifically designed for first time hunters.

“We’re looking to recruit new huntresses and help them take the next step,” said Foster. “These Field Hunt Coordinators are seasoned huntresses who share a passion for hunting and teaching.”

While there is no true minimum as to how many hunts a Field Hunt Coordinator must contract, she does attend the hunts she coordinates to act as a NRA liaison and hostess for attendees.

If you’re an experienced huntress looking to share your love of hunting and the outdoors with other women, then consider becoming a Women On Target® Field Hunt Coordinator. Women all over the country are looking for a ladies-only hunting opportunity where they can enjoy the thrill and camaraderie while afield, so if you’re interested in becoming a Women On Target® Field Hunt Coordinator, contact Ann Marie Foster at

Stay tuned for information on upcoming hunts, as well as profiles on both Tracy and Angie! Learn more about the Women On Target® Hunting program and all the other shooting sports opportunities offered by our Women’s Programs Department.


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