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Otis Technology staff poses with their Training Counselors for the NRA Lyons Falls, New York - Steve Hoback with NRA’s Training Department was back on the road again this month, but this time he brought Senior Training Counselor Anthony Colandro, fresh off his record-breaking Friends of NRA banquet in Essex County, New Jersey.

The pair traveled to the headquarters of Otis Technology in Lyons Falls to provide eight of the Otis employees with Range Safety Officer and Instructor training in Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun. Also in the class were a local law enforcement officer and an NRA Certified Instructor.

This training opportunity came about when Krista Bartlett, Training Administrator for Otis, contacted NRA’s Training Department hoping to provide staff with firearms training to help them better serve Otis’ customers.

The results? Another group of trained Range Safety Officers and NRA Certified Instructors who will use their skills, knowledge, and attitude to teach others about safe and responsible gun handling. Here’s a look at what some of the students had to say:

“I found the training to be extremely informative and engaging. The training has given me the knowledge which leads to a renewed sense of confidence to allow me to get more involved in local shooting events. I feel empowered to make a positive impact on the shooting sports, both personally and professionally.” –Denise Miller, President of Sales & Marketing for Otis Technology.

“I really appreciate this training. The training was professional, in-depth, and enhanced my ability be an effective communicator regarding many key areas in the shooting sports. I am proud to now be able to provide basic guidance on safe, proper use of rifles, shotguns, and pistols. I plan on using my NRA training in several ways. Personally, I am planning on instructing local youths in safe firearm use and applying the knowledge at local shooting range events. Professionally, the NRA courses are beneficial for future training of our internal associates as well as participating in company and industry-related shooting events. Great courses, great instructors!” -Len Nelson, National Sales Director for Otis Technology. 

“This training was an excellent opportunity to learn in a safe manner more about the types of firearms, action types, ammo and the basics of being a good instructor. The courses were led in a manner that stimulated learning by using all of the senses both in the classroom and on the range. With the number of NRA Certified Instructors that we now have on staff, we can not only offer extensive training to our employees, but now we may be able to offer additional services to the community as well. The Range Safety Officer training will allow us to take our range education and establish even more structure and discipline around it, and may even allow us to be more active in local shooting events.” -Krista Bartlett, Training Administrator for Otis Technology. 

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