By Lars Dalseide | October 8 2010 08:30

the Nock Volley Gun from the 1960 movie The Alamo on NRAblogIf you're like me, there's a pretty good chance you missed Curator's Corner last night on NRANews. It's a shame if you did, because that means you didn't get a a peek at Richard Widmark's Nock Volley Gun from John Wayne's 1960 version of The Alamo.

It's John Wayne's Alamo, because he hired the writers, starred in the film, produced the film and directed the film. Other notables sharing the spotlight with Wayne and Widmark include Frankie Avalon, Denver Pyle, Chill Wills & Richard Boone...but back to the gun.

Set in the capable hands of nefarious NRANews producer John Popp, the Nock Volley Gun is a seven barrelled flintlock designed for the Royal Navy in 1779 to repel enemy boarding parties. That's seven barrels firing all at once – more than enough to keep me off any ship.

But when you're shooting seven .52 inch projectiles all at once, the mere act of firing this muzzleloader becomes almost as dangerous as being fired upon. Use was discontinued after countless reports of the recoil breaking the shooter's shoulder. After all, how much help would a sailor with a broken shoulder be when you're fighting off the bad guys?

So if you did miss last night's episode, broadcast live on NRANews and Sirius/XM Patriot Radio at 10:40 pm eastern every Thursday night, you can always check's program guide for replays. Hearing Senior Curator Phil Schreier's take on the Nock Gun is well worth it.


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