By Danielle Sturgis | October 4 2010 11:45

NRA Training Counselor Kevin Cummins reports:

The Greater St. Louis Area Council of the BSA hosted the first-ever National Venturing Event to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America on September 24-26th, 2010 at Beaumont Scout Reservation. This event was held during the 35th year of the Fall Fun Rally.

While there were numerous events and activities for youth to choose from, shooting sports was a key event in the program for the Venturers and Explorers. With over 1,500 youth and adults in attendance, training in the safe handling of firearms and the opportunity to shoot pistol, rifle and shotgun was the highlight for many.

The event was pleased to have Mark Belli, NRA Youth Programs Coordinator, together with Connie Elliott at this event to provide information as to the exciting changes that have taken place within the BSA Shooting Sports program and opportunities that are available. Meeting with many leaders, instructors and training counselors, they were able to answer questions as well as provide assistance where needed.

46 NRA Certified Instructors and Range Safety Officers, under the supervision of Kevin Cummins, NRA Training Counselor, helped to staff the three ranges as well as provided the safety briefings while adults were informed of various disciplines of the NRA Certified Instructor program and Range Safety Officer training which is held regularly at Beaumont Reservation.

This well-planned event provided a safe environment for the Scouts to learn the basics of safe shooting from experienced NRA instructors. For many of the Venturers and Explorers attending, this was their first time shooting a firearm and having the opportunity to shoot rifle, shotgun and pistol added to their enjoyment. After shooting at the range, the Venturers and Explorers were presented an NSSF Junior USA Shooting Team emblem.

With Mark Belli and Amanda Millward of the NRA Youth Programs Department providing support for the event, as well as NSSF’s Dianne Vrablic, this event was considered a huge success.

Thanks, Kevin! Read his other pieces here.
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