By Danielle Sturgis | September 28 2010 05:40

Last year, Phil Schreier of the National Firearms Museum attended Maryland's World Side by Side championships. The Order of Edwardian Gunners, aka “The Vintagers,” host the World Side by Side championships at Pintail Point on Maryland's Eastern shore each year. Executive Director of General Operations Kayne Robinson and Deputy Executive Director Andrea Cerwinske were in attendance in 2009.

This year, Schreier and Robinson made the trek to Maryland to compete in what Robinson calls "a very realistic, dangerous-game hunting experience."

"It's a rare opportunity, indeed," Robinson told NRAblog.

"Senior Curator Schreier and I had a very close shooting competition," he said with a smile. Schreier confirmed Robinson shot an amazing 44 out of 50 clays on the sporting clays course. "And the last time I shot that gun was this event last year," Robinson said.

The scenarios depicted in the slideshow above are developed by sportsmen looking to recreate realistic hunting experiences. "The beauty of this competition is you're shooting elephant guns at both moving and charging targets," Robinson said. "It's a superb event for people who appreciate side-by-side double barreled rifles and shotguns."

Above, Robinson goes through several stages of the Match. Stay tuned for videos, as well as pictures and a report from Schreier's perspective!


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