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“We so frequently focus on new books or products, but I believe the true measure of a good library is what classics are sitting on the shelves,” said National Firearms Museum Manager Benjamin Van Scoyoc. If you aren't able to visit the store, make your purchase by contacting Van Scoyoc at or 703-267-1614. 

Here are the books NRAblog found on just two shelves: 

Rifles of the U.S. Army: 1861-1906
by John D. McAuley
This hardcover, 280-page book is an excellent guide to firearms on the market and in use from the start of the Civil War to the early 20th century. Neatly divided into 6 chapters, McAuley offers a great historical narrative as well as a useful firearms reference guide. The book features an extensive collection of photographs that give the reader a genuine sense of Civil War life and what it meant to be a gun-owner in the late nineteenth/early twentieth centuries. Over 40 rifles are covered throughout the book, from breechloaders to .30 caliber rifles, and the back of the book contains an in-depth end notes section for those who want even more information. It can be yours today for $47.95!

Arming & Equipping the United States Cavalry: 1865-1902
by Dusan P. Farrington
This 600-page hardcover, first published in 2004, is an ideal source for anyone interested in firearms or United States history. Although 1865-1902 may not seem like a long time, this span of less than four decades saw many armed conflicts for American troops, all of which are expertly documented here. From Little Bighorn to San Juan Hill, all of the weapons and gear put to the test are featured in this expansive guide, which boasts 770 photos and illustrations. In addition, for those of you interested in the details, Farrington included meticulously researched information like serial numbers, reports from the field, and issue information. If you’d like to see the hundreds of photos and read Farrington’s expert descriptions that accompany them, call Benjamin Van Scoyoc and order yours today for $68.99! 

An Illustrated Guide to the ’03 Springfield Service Rifle
by Bruce N. Canfield
This highly specialized guide has everything you’ll ever need to know about the ’03 Springfield service rifle and how it was used in World War I, World War II, and beyond. A hardcover of 240 pages, Bruce Canfield’s in-depth book features a foreword from Mark A. Keefe, IV, Editor-In-Chief of American Rifleman; according to Keefe, “It’s just about all in here…this is Bruce’s best yet.” This book is the best ’03 Springfield source book on the market, featuring experimental and prototype firearms, rod bayonet rifles, sniper rifles, air service rifles, all kinds of accessories, and in-depth serial number information. The book starts off with a convenient section called “Historical Background and Prototypes”, so whether or not you’re a service rifle expert, you can learn the basics with Canfield’s detailed photographs and accessible writing style. If this sounds like the book for you, order yours today for just $49.95!

Winchester: An American Legend
by R.L. Wilson
For any fan of Winchester’s classic designs, this 310-page, illustrated book is the perfect collector’s item. Renowned for its design, performance, and craftsmanship, Winchester has produced many intricately designed and high-powered firearms since the mid-19th century, and R.L. Wilson’s in-depth book captures all the main highlights of the brand’s history. With chapters like “A Myriad of Shotguns” and “Collecting the Winchester Heritage,” Wilson traces Winchester’s history with care, precision, and a methodical approach to detail. Although it was originally published in 1991, the book’s high-color photographs still captivate the reader with rich colors and impeccable focus—for the Winchester enthusiast or American historian, this guide to the brand will not disappoint! Buy it today for $65.00.

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West: An American Legend
by R.L. Wilson with Greg Martin
As every American knows, our country’s early days were defined by pioneer spirit and thirst for adventure beyond the East Coast. The “Wild West,” as it has been called since all sorts of people—savory and otherwise—decided to pack up and see what they could find in the prairies and beyond, is famous for cowboys, Indians, and general lawlessness. Without a doubt, Buffalo Bill is the quintessential Wild West character, and this fascinating, 310-page book is a fascinating guide to his rough-and-tumble world. Naturally, life in the “Wild West” involved plenty of firearms, so gun enthusiasts will not be disappointed. However, the book also goes beyond firearms to the America of Buffalo Bill Cody and his contemporaries, with early photographs of Indian tribes and cowboys, 19th-century advertisements that Buffalo Bill may have seen in his day, and an in-depth discussion of the forces that shaped this time in history. This slice of history can be yours today for only $65.00, and it’s a must-have for any history buff!

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For a complete listing of available book and DVD titles, contact Van Scoyoc at, or call 703-267-1614.

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