By Lars Dalseide | September 22 2010 16:35

An airman from Kirtland Air Force Base scores a competitors target at the National Police Shooting Championship on NRAblogBefore the list of scores for those who'll walk away with trophies tonight, we thought it would be helpful to provide a primer for the uninitiated. Here's how it happens.

Unlike Smallbore Rifle at Camp Perry, where volunteers scrutinize each and every target, the National Police Shooting Championships rely on the shooters to grade their compatriot's work. Taking the target directly to the left, they transport the cardboard to the scoring tent and start recording numbers on the competitor's card. The cards are turned in, the folks back at that Stat Office input the scores, and the results are posted for all to see.

It perfect world, that would be the end of it. But there are often questions or disputes regarding the scores - that's where the challenge period comes into play. Shooters have a limited amount of time, usually two hours after the scores are posted, to challenge the results. Once the Protest Committee makes their ruling, all scores are final.

With that in mind, here are the 2010 National Police Shooting Championship results: 

Overall Individual Champion

  • Robert Vadasz, U.S. Border Patrol - 2981-221x
  • Doug Goff, Customs & Border Prot. - 2976-199x
  • Kevin Worrell, U.S. Border Patrol - 2973-193x

High Woman

  • Stephanie Diaz, LAPD - 2955-166x

High New Shooter

  • Alan Culbertson, San Diego Co. Sheriff - 2947-156x

Hi-Non U.S. Citizen

  • Johann Wizofsky, Border Control (Germany) - 2957-167x

High Reserve Officer

  • Virgil Scott, Jefferson Co. Sheriff's - 2893-122x

High State Trooper

  • Dan Rawlinson, Mississippi Highway Patrol - 2958-173x

High Conservation Officer

  • Ricky McDaniel, MWEOAI - 2938-140x

High Retired Officer

  • Michael Dowd, Colorado State Parks - 2956-165x

High Retired Officer over 61

  • John Pride, LAPD, 2947-172x

High Sheriff-Deputy Sheriff

  • Jerry Eason, Sacramento Co. Sheriff's Dept., 2966-180x

Four-man team matches for the 2010 National Police Shooting Championships continue tomorrow.


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