By Danielle Sturgis | September 21 2010 16:12
Laser Shot Law Enforcement Training SystemsSunday was the official start of the Law Enforcement Equipment Exposition at Shooting Range Park. The exposition spans two buildings and is always a popular feature of the Championships – and one table in particular seemed to be surrounded by folks.

Laser Shot Law Enforcement Training Systems is exhibiting for the first time at the NRA National Police Shooting Championships. The company sent Bryon Corb, who works in Law Enforcement Content Developing and Training, to man the booth.

Early Monday morning, one competitor was excited to find the booth set up.

“What would you like to do? Skills, interactive scenarios? Rifle, pistol?” Corb asked him.

“Whatever you throw at me!” he responded. “I was here yesterday and came back for more.”

Corb said this enthusiastic reception of the product has been typical, and he expects to reach a great many potential customers. “Quite a few agencies have expressed interest in having a presentation to their departments.”

What are the benefits of this sort of training?

“It doesn’t take the place of live fire,” Corb says, “though it gives the firearms instructor the ability to work with the soldier or law enforcement officer in a controlled environment. If the student is having trouble with trigger pull, or sight alignment, this allows for specific, controlled training.”

Corb explained the different options available: “We have interactive scenarios, for example, placing the law enforcement officer in a lifelike scenario, a traffic stop.”

Basic skill training is popular, he continued, as is the “shoot/don’t shoot” situation, where the officer doesn’t know what to expect – a perpetrator with a firearm, or maybe just a cell phone or a flashlight.

Additionally, the system offers a variety of less lethal training scenarios, where officers use tasers or pepper spray.

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