By Olivia Blanchard | September 19 2010 05:15

National Firearms Museum StoreThe staff of the National Firearms Museum is always busy. Most recently, they created a book trilogy: Handguns, Rifles, and Shotguns. Jim Supica, Doug Wicklund, and Phil Schreier each produced a book. Each book contains just under 150 pages of full-color photographs of firearms and expert descriptions of the guns being showcased.

Senior Curator Wicklund authored Rifles. "There are many firearm books out there, but finding even those that provide excellent, large scale color images isn’t common," he said.

"These books are far more than coffee table tomes," Wicklund continued. "Each one represents the equivalent of an existential journey through a SHOT Show or NRA Annual Meetings exhibit hall."

Jim Supica authored Handguns. “people with a general interest in handguns will enjoy this book,” said Supica. “The introduction covers the history of handguns from the earliest days through the latest trend. The catalog section features great photos and text from current handgun manufacturers on their current product line.”

Phil Schreier, who worked extensively on Shotguns, described it as “great for someone who is interested in getting a quick and easy reference to what's currently on the market.”

While not necessarily ideal for the firearms expert, this book series is a great overview and general guide to basic gun types and history, and you can order your copy today. Each book sells for $19.95.


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