By Lars Dalseide | September 17 2010 10:30

Around the NPSC: San Antonio's Road to Glory on NRAblogLast year at the 2009 National Police Shooting Championships, NRAblog ran into the Police Marksmanship Unit from San Antonio. This rambunctious group of shooters formed their team just days before the event took place. NRAblog decided to check in as they prepared for this year's competition.

"The team has traveled to Dallas and Florence, Texas, just to shoot their minimum 300 rounds to get classified to shoot the PPC matches," explained coach Monico Meneses. "Although some of us will have to walk in their scores on registration day, at least we'll be able to shoot as classified shooters."

Not only did they invest time in their classification trails (they failed to do so in 2009), but they've also invested in their equipment.

"Dan and I bought our guns for those PPC shooting events while Lee borrowed one from a 'retired' PPC shooter," said Meneses. "The ammo we are shooting for our PPC revolvers are coming from the same manufacturer where the Captain Hemphill gets his. Maybe we can steal a little magic."

There's also a change in the lineup. Two of last year's stars are out of action and a newbie has been drawn in to fill the void. "Nathan will sit this one out because he has to teach the TAC MEDIC course for our department's Police/Medic Officers," said Meneses. "John was activated to duty because he is also serves as a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps."

But two vital aspects of last year's experience are right on cue. Ipac Nissan loaned the guys an RV for the second year in a row -- and some Texas style cooking will be found outside said RV when the shooting day is over.

"Tonight we meet to find out who's cooking on what days and what they are cooking," explained Meneses. "This time I'm bringing my 'secret' sauce's so we can have some authentic Filipino food!"


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