By Kyle Jillson | September 17 2010 13:00

Jan Raab, the Competitive Shooting Division's National Manager for High Power Rifle Programs, continues to bring us coverage from this year's Spirit of America Fullbore National Matches:

Tuesday, September 14 was the third day of the Fullbore National Championship. The shooters each fired 10 shots at 300, 500 and 600 yards for the Sierra Bullets Trophy. Then they fired 15 shots at 1000 yards for the Pacific Tool & Gauge Trophy.

First place in the Sierra Trophy, firing a target rifle, was Rick Curtis firing 300-22x. Second place was Tom Whitaker firing 300-21x. In third was Kent Reeve firing 300-18x. Trudie Fay, who fired a clean score on the first day of the individual championship, dropped a point and ended up with 299-20x.

First place in the Sierra Trophy, firing F-Open, was Larry Bartholome firing 299-21x. Second place was Jeff Traylor with 298-15x and third was Jim Murphy with 298-14x. The top F-TR shooter, Michelle Gallagher, fired 295-13x. Second F-TR was Lesley Jones with 295-12x.

Allen Elliott was match winner of the Pacific Tool & Gauge Trophy firing 146-5x. Second place was Jon Rhynard with 145-4x and in third place Scott Riles with 144-4x.

The high F-Open shooter in the Pacific Tool & Gauge Trophy was Edward Harrach with 148-6x. Second place was Rick Jensen with 146-5x, third was Jim Murphy with 145-6x. The high F-TR shooter was Lesley Jones with 144-3x and second was Bill Watts with 140-4x.

In the second daily aggregate, the US Armed Forces Trophy Match, match winner Tom Whitaker firing 443-26x. Second place was Allen Elliott with 442-17x and in third place was Jon Rhynard with 441-21x. First High Master was Kent Reeve with 441-19x, second High Master was Trudie Fay with 440-25x and third was Boyd Goldsby with 439-24x. First Master was Andrew Doney firing 440-19x, second was Bill Lair with 439-16x and third was Nick Mowrer with 439-15x. First Expert was Ricky Hunt with 439-22x and second Anita Dickason with 435-15x. High Sharpshooter was Ethan Dow with 423-18x.

In the US Armed Forces Trophy Match, high F-Open shooter was Edward Harrach with 444-16x. Second was Jim Murphy with 443-20x and in third, Rick Jensen, 442-17x. First High Master was Danny Biggs with 441-20x and second was Larry Bartholome with 437-24x. First Master was Ryan Pierce with 437-16x, second Jeff Traylor with 436-17x and third Earl Liebetrau with 436-12x. High F-TR shooter was Lesley Jones firing 439-15x and in second, Bill Watts with 432-17x.

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