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Guy Vandyke is the VP of Sales & Marketing for NRAblog met Vandyke at the meeting of Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) members in LaPorte, Indiana, in July 2010.

What does do? It helps you get outdoors in any state. 

" is a fully developed website that provides a state-of-the-art, easy to navigate online source to all 50 states' Hunting and Fishing regulation guides," Vandyke told NRAblog.

What inspired Vanyke and his partner Jeff Hunt to form the site?  "One of the big problems was that as people wanted to get information from other states (to hunt and fish in)," he said, "and you either had to wait for that state to send you a regulation book or try and navigate the state web site." It was an inconvenience that was costing men and women the opportunity to hunt or fish, the pair decided.   

"Working with several of our contacts, we came up with the idea of (the website) as more and more outdoors people are using the internet more as well as their smart phones," Vandyke said. "We definitely help the states get the information to the public faster."

Vandyke and Hunt have been working in the guide industry for the last 14 years. "We're taking this crucial information into the next generation," he said. "Our goal is not to change the way the guides look, but the way you look at them."

Vandyke said if outdoorsmen and women buy hunting licenses "not only in their own state but also in other states" the future of the hunting and fishing community will strengthen. 

"As our economy has been struggling the hunting and fishing industry has been on the rise. License sales are up," he said.  

"You should be able to enjoy the outdoors in the states around you, or the states you visit," he said. Check out today. While you're on the site, be sure to stop by the classifieds section and photo galleries!

Just tuning in? NRAblog has featured a number of POMA's partnering organizations:

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