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American Thompson Association - All Thompson Show and Shoot

NRA National Firearms Museum Senior Curator Phil Schreier was recently in Newark, Ohio, for The American Thompson Association’s 19th Annual All Thompson Show and Shoot. He provided us with these photos and told us a little about his trip.

“I’ve been to five,” Schreier said of the annual gathering. The Association, an NRA affiliated collector’s club, was awarded the NRA Gun Collectors Committee Trophy at the 2010 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Charlotte. Read more about the 2010 NRA National Gun Collecting Awards.

American Thompson Association - All Thompson Show and ShootWhat do the Tommy Gun enthusiasts do at their show? The purpose of these meetings, their website says, is to gather and share experiences andinformation on the Thompson. Mixed with a good deal of fun, of course.

“It’s a two stage shoot,” Schreier explained. “The first stage you shoot your firearm on full automatic for five different stages, at 20 rounds each, with the focus on accuracy.”

“The second stage is a steel falling plate contest. That’s for speed.”

Given the chance, Schreier could hardly observe the event – he brought his Thompson and joined the competitors on the firing line. How'd he fare?

“Well, the guy that knocked me out of the first round won the overall competition,” he said with a smile, “so if I had to get beat by someone, at least I got beat by the guy who won it all.”

In addition to his time on the firing line, Schreier provided interviews for a few episodes of American Rifleman TV. 

“Anyone interested in joining the Association should check out their website,” Schreier said. Download an application here. Annual dues are $30. “They are a great group and a wonderful extension of the NRA’s commitment to gun collecting.”

Shooting Tips from The American Thompson Association:

  1. All Thompsons are VALUABLE. Use only new American-made quality ammunition.
  2. Most shooting malfunctions are caused by improper cleaning and lubrication, weak springs and bad magazines. Good news is all of these can be easily cured.
  3. Consider replacing original parts with good condition military parts.
  4. Make a reduced copy of your ATF Form 4 or 5, fold and roll it into the Butt Stock Oil Can hole. This will make transporting the firearm legal and easier.
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