By Olivia Blanchard | August 28 2010 06:15

Here at NRA Headquarters, the National Firearms Museum draws visitors from all over the country who are interested in the history of firearms. However, although the Museum features a large variety of fascinating exhibits, the Museum Store is a destination in itself, housing a wide range of books and merchandise.

Here are a few particularly popular items:

Tactical Pen—According to Museum Store Manager Benjamin Van Scoyoc, the tactical pen is “the best-selling item in the store right now.” Why are the pens so hard to keep on the shelves? Perhaps because at only $29.99, they’re an incredible deal—Van Scoyoc said that he’s seen similar items sold for up to $145 at other places.

The pen is fully functional as both a writing instrument and an “item of last resort,” and part of its popularity is due to the fact that it is still allowed on airplanes and other public places.

Describing the pen’s aesthetic appeal, Van Scoyoc explained, “It has the NRA logo on the top, and of course it’s a Smith and Wesson. It’s a hot item, and it’s going fast!” 

Hot and Cold Pack—Another great item currently on sale at the Museum Store is a dual hot and cold pack, which is useful for a variety of comfort needs.

Van Scoyoc has found the cold pack helpful for pulled or strained muscles: “I’ve used the cold one for a stiff neck, and to use it you just put it in the freezer.” For the hot pack, he explained, it works “like magic! The heat pack has a little metal piece that you click, and it heats it up like a battery. A chemical reaction happens to make it stiff and hot, so it’s perfect to use if you’re hunting or hiking in the cold.”

In addition, the hot pack stays warm for about ninety minutes, “and to reuse it you just drop it in boiling water for a minute and it returns to its regular state, and you can use it over and over.” As you can see in the photo, the product comes with a stylish NRA sleeve, which is optional -- but a great chance to show off your NRA pride!

Like what you see here? Contact Van Scoyoc at, or call the Store at 703-267-1614.


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