By Lars Dalseide | August 10 2010 05:17

Krei meets with Kruger Targets on NRAblog Mike Krei, Director of the NRA's Competitive Shooting Division, recently attended the 50th Anniversary International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Championships in Munich, Germany. Here is one of his reports:

While on site at the International Shooting Sport Federation World Championships in Munich, I had the opportunity to met with the owner of Germany's Kruger Targets. Our discussion centered upon the potential licensing of NRA targets for manufacture and distribution.

Kruger, one of the premier targets paper printers in Europe, works with most European Union Shooting Federations to provide targets for their competitions. It is generally accepted that Kruger has the best heavy pulp target paper in the world and that directly relates to the excellent clean bullet holes which are essential for precise scoring.

Pictured above with Adreas Kruger, Owner of the Kruger Target Company, Krei tells NRAblog that it is very likely that the NRA's Competitive Shooting Division and Kruger Targets will have a contract signed by year end.


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