By Kyle Jillson | August 9 2010 14:35

With the team matches over, the High Power Championship begins tomorrow with the Members, Scott and Coast Artillery trophies. Shooting USA, who covered today's team matches will also be taking footage tomorrow for their upcoming segment on Camp Perry. Unfortunately you won't get to see Mike Irvine go through and shoot one of the matches like at the Bianchi Cup, but maybe next year.

Local radio station K96 Country also came out and spoke with competitors to help spread word about the National Matches - thanks guys.

Special thanks to R. Lee Emery for showing up and going toe-to-toe with the everyone out there. It was a long day in the sun. 

Scores after the jump.  


Match 431 – Enlisted Men's Trophy Team Match
Team Results
  USAMU Craig 1972-83x
  All Guard-Coggshall 1961-76x
  US Army Reserve
  USMC Gold
  All Guard-Green 1944-66x

Match 432 – Rumbold Trophy Team Match
Team Results
  SEMNO-Gold 483-12x
  Coalinga Killer Rabbits
  Keystone Hawkeyes
  NYSRPA Rockland
  Illinois State Gold

Match 433 – RNDC Trophy Team Match
Team Results
  USAMU Heuman 1986-88x
  Team 2
  USAMU Craig
  All Guard-Coggshall 1961-76x

From 8/9/10 Afternoon Team Matches- Camp Perry


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