By Kyle Jillson | August 9 2010 07:10

Today at the 2010 National Matches competitors will shoot one of the three team
matches as the actual High Power Rifle Championship does not begin until

The Rumbold, Enlisted Men's and RNDC Trophy Team matches are set up to be shot between civilian teams, enlisted teams and those not in either - each team comprised of four members.

The course of fire is the same for all three matches:

10 shots slow fire standing at 200 yards; 10 shots rapid fire at 200 yards, sitting or kneeling from standing; 10 shots rapid fire at 300 yards, prone from standing; 20 shots slow fire prone at 600 yards for each firing member.

Shooting USA is on base filming and talking to competitors for a segment on their show. Look for it to air in the coming month.

The Match Director, Jan Raab, will be honored at the Match Director's Reception tonight at 5:00 PM in the clubhouse for all the work she has done and has yet to do at the High Power Rifle Championships. All competitors and volunteers are invited to come dine and relax after the day's matches. A raffle will be held with some really great items later in the night. Food and drink provided. 

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