By Danielle Sturgis | August 3 2010 05:30

Amy Bock At 16 years of age, Amy Bock is the youngest member of the 2010 Randle International Women's team. The high school student hails from East Brunswick, New Jersey, where her family is heavily involved in competitive shooting. "My two older brothers in the Marine Corps shoot, of course, and my whole family is pretty into it," she said.

Bock's father coached her from age 13 in the fundamentals of rifle competition. She practices at Lake Island Range in Cateret, New Jersey, every chance she gets. "I plan to continue competing in college," she said, noting she hopes to attend West Point. "I thought I wanted to attend Texas Christian University for a while last year, but I really can't imagine myself anywhere but [West Point]."

NRAblog chatted with Bock's mother on the sidelines during the smallbore competition at Perry last week. "I tell everyone she gets her shooting skills from her dad," she said. "But sometimes, when she's winning all her awards, I say to my family, 'she got some of that from me.'"

Bock said some of the junior shooters in New Jersey look up to her. "They'll ask for my opinion, which I think is really cool," she said. Bock reports a supportive environment at her high school and says she can think of many reasons for young people to get involved in the competitive shooting community. "It can improve just about anything," she gushed. "It improves mentality, the way you control your feelings, it helps you focus … you get so many awesome opportunities, especially if you compete at the collegiate level, plus, it's a lot of fun."

What does Bock consider to be the best part of her shooting career? "Everyone can just be themselves," she said. "I always have a bow on, or a hat on my head, or a lot of different color combinations, so everyone in Jersey knows me."

"Just be yourself, and it's awesome."


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