By Lars Dalseide | July 29 2010 08:50

The NRA’s National Firearms Museum will be showing off part of their new Hollywood Guns collection at this weekend's Nation's Gun Show at Dulles Expo Center. The show starts tomorrow, Friday, July 30, and runs through Sunday, August 1. Members of the Museum staff will be available to answer questions, provide advice, and maybe pick up a few goodies along the way.

We again thank Senior Curator Doug Wicklund for the following descriptions of the firearms scheduled for display:

John Wayne's Winchester Big-Loop carbine from Stagecoach on NRAblog
  • John Wayne’s Winchester Big-Loop carbine from the movie Stagecoach. If you're a Western movie fan, this is a gun you’ve seen in the hands of the Duke as he twirled it to flag down the stagecoach at the film’s beginning scene. It likely had on-screen roles in other Wayne classics such as True Grit and El Dorado.
  • Lorne Greene’s Winchester Model 1873 carbine from the TV series Bonanza. This nickel-plated carbine was there on the Ponderosa Ranch with Hoss and Little Joe! Bonanza was one of the longer-running western TV shows; it first aired in 1959 and ended in 1973 after 430 episodes.
  • Chuck Connors’ Winchester Model 1892 rifle from the TV show The Rifleman. Come by and look over the famous Winchester rifle that TV sheriff Chuck Conners fired at the beginning of each show. Unlike John Wayne’s Winchester, this gun has a special set-screw fitted to hit the trigger as the loop comes up to a closed position.
  • Clint Eastwood’s Walker revolvers from the film The Outlaw Josey Wales. One of these .44 caliber sixguns was also used by John Wayne and Kim Darby in True Grit. Converted from percussion ignition to use blank cartridges, these heavy revolvers were originally designed to be carried in saddle holsters. (One is pictured at right.)

Plan to visit the National Firearms Museum exhibit at the Capitol Expo Center all three days. If you come to the gun show, remember that “Hollywood Guns,” our special exhibition of movie guns, will be open (with free admission) at the NRA Headquarters just up the road. For more information, call (703) 267-1600 or email

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