By Lars Dalseide | July 27 2010 05:32

Dave Schneider of Michigan State on NRAblogIndianapolis, Indiana - One of the the best parts about NRA's Club University is the assorted group of individuals who attend. Club U Indianapolis was no different as we ran into interesting people such as Dave Schneider from Michigan State University. So what brought Schneider to Indianapolis?

“I'm here to find out as much about NRA grants as possible,” said Dave. “Plus, there are a number of other programs that we can benefit from.”

By “we,” he means the the Michigan State Marksmanship Team. Founded in 2001, the club held their first NRA sanctioned match in 2003. And more recently, they found a new home in the form of the John and Marnie Demmer Shooting Sports Education and Training Center.

“You should see this place,” said Dave. “Shooting lanes inside and out the facility that can be used for both archery and firearms … it’s beautiful.”

Having such a top-of-the-line facility is a new experience for Schneider. Finding his post a mere nine months ago, working for the Marksmanship Team Michigan State was probably the furthest thing on his mind during his time in Afghanistan.

“Three tours,” Dave explained. “Ultimately, the injuries I sustained made it impossible to continue. When I got back to the states, they asked me to help develop a program [the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Service] to help other vets returning to civilian life find jobs. Michigan State was one of those jobs.”

But what drew our attention to Schneider was his shirt. Emblazoned on his chest was the can’t-miss logo of NRA’s 2010 National Rifle and Pistol Championships in Camp Perry, Ohio. Probably more than a coincidence, given that the matches started just a few days before Club U.

“I was over there, at Perry, shooting outside of my specialty,” explained Dave. “I’m used to shooting big bore and light machine guns, but I’ve been trying to broaden my shooting horizons. Plus, it’s easier. There’s so much gear when you lug around a rifle. With a pistol, all I need is a bag or a box to carry the necessities.”

Just like Club University – you get all the information you need to improve the operation of your club in a compact, handy, one-day package.


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