By Danielle Sturgis | July 27 2010 06:10

Dan Makucevish has been on the range since sunrise. And he's pretty happy about that.

Makucevish, a competitive shooter since the 1960s, is overseeing the Randle Trophy International Womens Team and Dewar Trophy Team matches during this smallbore phase of competition. Like with many here at Camp Perry, for Makucevish, this is a family affair. "My 13-year-old and my wife are competitors here," he said.

Estimating his matches will conclude by 9:45 a.m., Makucevish points out the intricacies of timing in this sport. "The team captain waits for light to be just right before starting (the competition)," he said. "It's really a classic situation, because the longer they wait to begin, the windier it will get. The windier it gets, the harder it is to shoot 10s. It's all one big compromise."

NRAblog is on the line snapping pictures of all stars such as Nancy Tompkins. NRA's HQ Moody reports the weather will hold for easy conditions throughout today, which will also include the Whistler Boy match. "The weather's been great yesterday and today," Moody said. "God wanted to teach us how to shoot in the wind this past weekend."

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