By Danielle Sturgis | July 19 2010 05:45

Forty-five of America’s brightest high school students are traveling to their respective homes today after an “unforgettable” week in the nation’s capitol with the NRA Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.).

“I’ve loved every part of it,” said Catherine Cox of North Carolina. “I don’t want to leave.” Cox is one of several students awarded a $2,000 college scholarship for her participation in the week’s activities.

Throughout the week, students toured the NRA National Firearms Museum, the Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol, the Marine Corps Museum, the Newseum, and more. NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre addressed the group, as did Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA).

A touching Awards Ceremony and Dinner at NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, VA, Saturday wrapped up the week’s events. Looking back at the week, students and NRA staff reflected on how close the group became over six days.

NRA Event Services Manager Jeremy Greene had several words of wisdom for the students before introducing keynote speaker Cam Edwards of NRANews. “I know each and every one of you is a talented individual,” DaSilva said. “You’ve made us proud this week, and we hope you have the drive to become leaders of your generation.”

NRANews host Cam Edwards stepped up to the microphone. “How many of you listen to talk radio?” he asked the audience. “How many of you ever hear them talk about the Second Amendment? For some reason, it isn’t a popular topic.”

“But for tens of millions of Americans, the Second Amendment is a right they hold dear. At NRANews, we’re able to bring information to the audience they don’t get from any other media outlet. We’ve done it for six years, and we’ve covered some incredible stories.”

“Over the past few years we’ve been hearing more about your generation,” Edwards said, touching on several cases involving young hunters and overzealous high school policies.

“I have a feeling the things you learned his week are going to spur you to learn even more,” Edwards said. “As you get interested in the right to keep and bear arms, you’ll be ambassadors to Second Amendment to all the people you meet.”

Edwards encouraged the crowd to make note of his broadcast each weeknight at and Sirius Patriot channel 144: “I hope Cam and Company is a place we can tell your story,” he said. “If there’s an issue in your community regarding the right to keep and bear arms, let me know about it, so we can let other gun owners around the country know about it.”


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