By Olivia Blanchard | July 9 2010 08:00
Already a Life Member of the NRA, Catherine Cox of Southern Pines, NC, can’t wait to visit Washington next week to participate in the Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.). However, while Catherine told NRAblog that she looks forward to “meeting with like-minded peers and learning how my generation become involved in the NRA,” Y.E.S. will not be her first time in Washington—her sister was a Y.E.S. attendee in 2006, and Catherine had a great time visiting her and getting to know the city.

Catherine is a home-schooled rising senior, and she appreciates that her parents have raised her to understand the importance of education and values. Even at a young age, Catherine has a clear sense of her own moral compass, and she enjoys learning about history because, as she said, “Understanding history and western civilization teaches me the foundation of our country. I enjoy learning about America’s roots in Europe and how they built our democracy.”

Catherine is one of four girls, all of whom have learned to play the violin and the piano: “Ever since I was 2, my family has been really into the musical realm. Music has been a really big part of our lives, and we enjoy competing all over the state.”

Hoping to continue developing her passion for music after she graduates from high school, Catherine said, “I’m planning to double major in violin and piano performance, and then perhaps get a law degree.”

Catherine mentioned that she’s interested in working as a lawyer for an organization like the NRA. “My family goes shooting at the range every Tuesday and Thursday, and I’ve been on a rifle team since I was seven.” An accomplished shooter, Catherine has won the North Carolina Air Rifle Competition, and at Camp Perry she won the NRA Club Air Rifle Championship.

Even with all of these awards, Catherine looks forward to learning how to become even more involved in the NRA while at Y.E.S. Inspired by this year’s Annual Meeting, she believes that, “We need to be educated about firearms and the 2nd Amendment. It’s important for our generation to step up to the plate.”

Congratulations, Catherine!

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