By Danielle Sturgis | July 7 2010 06:30

Special thanks to NRA's 1st Vice President David Keene for the photo and report:

Chris Dorsey of Orion asked me a year or so ago if I'd participate in an African hunt for broadcast as part of the "Dangerous Game" series he produces. I agreed to travel with Chris, Mark DeYoung of ATK, which owns numerous companies of interest to NRA members including Federal Premium Ammunition, Mark's son Scott, and a camera crew to Zambia for a 10 day hunt.

Mark was targeting a lion for the show and I was after a Cape Buffalo. We both succeeded in one of the most game rich areas of Zambia and Africa. It was an exciting hunt; my first for dangerous game featuring a stare down with a large Buffalo that winded us from about ten yards. We froze as did he and we simply stared at each other for more than a minute before the Buffalo decided we weren't worth charging and wandered off.

While the old bull in the photo was the reason for my being there, I also took an Impala, a Zebra and a Nile crocodile. All in all, the hunt of a lifetime!

Above, Keene is pictured on the left and Chris Dorsey on the right. The Dangerous Game series "highlights the drama and personalities of the courageous hunters who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of some of the most fearsome animals on the planet. Not only does the series focus on heart-pounding hunts, but it also showcases the key role hunters play in conserving the species and the environments where the animals live." We'll keep you posted just as soon as we know when Keene's segment is scheduled to air. 

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