By Lars Dalseide | July 6 2010 12:14

First shot at the 30th National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Denver, Colorado went off with a plink. That’s exactly how it sounds here at the Air Gun competition. Competitors display a wide array of emotions; some are intense, some are smiling, and some are satisfied with the mere act of competing.

“We’ve seen a wonderful change in our guys,” said a group leader from California. “They find a sport in which they can flourish and their smiles are contagious.”

The stories are as diverse as those who are shooting; An Army ranger injured post-retirement, an officer with multiple sclerosis, an enlisted man wounded in combat. They come from California, from Ohio, from Texas, and more.

Each competitor shoots three rounds of twenty shots in thirty minutes. Only one shot per target … with exceptions of course. No matter what the results, they find a way to make it through.

With the first round complete, all that’s left is the scoring. We’ll post any updates as soon as possible.


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