By Olivia Blanchard | June 27 2010 05:50

Theodore Roosevelt: Hunter-Conservationist by R.L. Wilson If you’ve ever had the chance to visit NRA’s National Firearms Museum, you know how impressive, educational, and fun it is. But you may not be aware that the Museum’s gift shop is also a great resource for firearms enthusiasts and collectors. Benjamin Van Scoyoc, Manager of the store, highly recommends the book Theodore Roosevelt: Hunter-Conservationist by R.L. Wilson.

The Museum store has the newly-updated 2009 version in stock, and this book is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in Theodore Roosevelt, firearms history, or the great outdoors in general. While Roosevelt is perhaps most well-known for his role as 26th President of the United States (from 1901 to 1909), he was a lifelong outdoorsman, gun collector, and hunter, and he fought bravely with his team of “rough riders” in the Spanish American War.

According to Wilson’s book, Roosevelt’s father inspired his love for shooting sports and adventure, and Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt held a lifelong regard for nature as a peaceful, uplifting refuge from the world’s hectic pace and responsibilities. Because of this, as President Teddy Roosevelt became the leader of America’s conservation movement at a time when industrial giants were threatening to destroy the natural environment, Roosevelt directed resources towards creating five National Parks and introducing stricter environmental standards for industrialists.

Noted for raising public interest in the conservation movement, Roosevelt said in a speech in 1912: “There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country. Just as we must conserve our men and women and children, so we must conserve the resources of the land on which they live.”

When asked about the book’s usefulness as an authority on Roosevelt’s passion for firearms and conservation, NRA’s own Phil Schreier, an expert on guns of all types and a scholar of Roosevelt, had this to say: “For those who want to know and understand the outdoorsman and conservationist who was Theodore Roosevelt, this book is not only the best title on this subject, but the only one.”

If you, too, find the story of our 26th President a fascinating one, then call Store Manager Benjamin Van Scoyoc at 703-267-1608 to order a copy of the book!


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