By Kyle Jillson | June 24 2010 09:00

Special thanks to Nicole McMahon for this update on the meetings NRA Field Reps are attending this week. Friends banquets are on a temporary pause as our Reps convene in Keystone, Colorado, but will resume after the 4th of July holiday weekend.

As we speak, NRA Field Representatives from throughout the country are listening to speeches, lectures, and updates from different NRA divisions and staff. Although this may not sound like the highlight of their job, which consists of representing the NRA in their respective areas and organizing banquets with volunteers to raise money for The NRA Foundation, the week-long Field Operation’s Summer Planning Meeting is a way for field reps to discuss with others what’s working well in their areas and how they can improve on aspects of their fundraising efforts.  

The mid-year planning meeting occurs every year in a different area of the country, unlike the annual December Meeting, which takes place at NRA Headquarters. This year, the field reps are in Keystone, Colorado. Known for its skiing and winter activities, Keystone is also a summer destination for people interested in golfing, hiking, horseback riding, and much more. When the field reps are not sitting inside listening to lectures, they will be participating in outside team building activities, such as skeet shooting.

NRA Field Representatives consider each other family, and with each “family” gathering, field reps become more knowledgeable about the Friends of NRA and each other. After each mid-year meeting and end-of-year meeting, field reps can take their newfound knowledge and skills and apply it to their areas to raise more money for The NRA Foundation, and subsequently, raise more money for the future of the shooting sports!

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