By Danielle Sturgis | June 7 2010 15:30

NRAblog is bringing readers a glimpse at the businesses and associations who benefit from membership in the NRA Business Alliance. Thanks to Jack Baker from the NRA's Field Operations Divison for sharing the following profile, written by Jan van Zyl with a little help from Anne Oliver: is pleased to announce the launch of their exciting new website to help individuals and organizations keep track of pertinent information relating to their collections, possessions and personal information on a secure website.

Also, the new website has an important benefit for gun owners – the private 'online vault' has a special section dedicated to firearms! Here, you can store important information about your firearm acquisition, any modifications you choose to make, and even disposal of firearms. The website is also a convenient place to archive photos and important documents related to your firearms, like invoices and valuation certificates. You can make your records as simple or as detailed as you like, and you can even customize the format to suit your needs; for example, you can easily design your own list of historical records or any other information that needs to be safe and secure.

Join the NRA Business AllianceIn addition, our website is a great place to store information about different clubs and membership groups, like details about site locations, suppliers, repairs, and dates – and they can all be organized for quick and easy access whenever you need it! You can even give club members limited access to the website as a new way to foster community spirit within the club. More than just a guarded reference library, can easily send email reminders for anything you need, such as when permits need to be renewed.

Most importantly, the website is completely secure, and information is backed up at regular intervals. So if your possessions ever become lost, stolen or damaged, you can simply log on to our site and retrieve an inventory list to support any insurance claims. And if you register as a Premium Member, you may join the site anonymously, since only a valid email address is required for registration. Also, no credit card details are stored on the site, so none of your information will be linked to you or your location.

While we have great resources for firearms enthusiasts, it is important to remember that is by no means restricted to firearms collections. There is no limit to the information that can be loaded into the site in a structured manner that facilitates easy retrieval and reporting.

For example, you can choose to store information about an art collection, your home’s contents, and even your pets. If you have an unusual hobby not accommodated by the website, the system’s architect will happily work with you to provide for your special needs at no additional cost. is also ideal for folks with multiple homes, as members can readily access information from any place that has an internet connection, and there is no need to carry around sensitive information on paper.

Finally, if you are an NRA member in good standing, we are happy to provide free assistance in helping to load your data in manner best suited to your needs. Learn more about our services and the possibilities for storing firearms information at our website,, and to experience the true value of the innovative features built into this unique tool, activate a Free or Premium account today!

Learn more by visiting the website.

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