By Danielle Sturgis | June 3 2010 07:00
NRA Women On Target 

From WBOY in West Virginia:

Women On Target Teaches Gun Safety to Ladies Only

SALEM -- Two years ago, Cynthia Cleland was terrified of guns and ammunition.

“I wouldn't pick up a pistol and handle it or move it,” said Cynthia, who is a self-proclaimed girly-girl. “I was afraid it would go off, I was afraid of a shotgun shell or a pistol cartridge ...just afraid that it would go off, just scared to death of firearms.”

But her curiosity got the best of her when she saw an ad for a women only shooting clinic.

“I loved it!” exclaimed Cleland. “I went home and I was so excited and told my husband, and he was excited because he couldn't believe that I had done all that that day.”

“She has grown very fond of enriching Cabela's pocketbooks and emptying mine,” laughed her husband Allen.

Now she's an instructor for the Women on Target Program, and is teaching other first-time Annie Oakleys the safe way to shoot.

Women on Target was developed less than a decade ago by the National Rifle Association.

“The thing that's good about Women on Target is the fact that women are teaching women and there's not any pressure because the women have all been there themselves,” said Mike Kozakewich, who helped start the program here in Harrison County. “It's just an excellent program that allows women to develop at their own rate and become comfortable with firearms.”

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