By Danielle Sturgis | May 31 2010 07:00

Everyone knows it's the people that make the party. The NRA's Annual Meetings and Exhibits are no different. Below, a sampling of the audience from this year's Annual Meeting, held May 14-16 in Charlotte, NC: 

Eddie Eagle at the NRA Annual Meetings in Charlotte on NRAblog The 2010 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits drew 72,000 NRA members from across this great nation -- and across the spectrum of ages and interests, too. One of the more popular stops for families is the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program booth, where Eddie Eagle himself poses for photos with interested kids, as pictured at left.

"We handed out a lot of materials, and met with a lot of potential volunteers," Program Manager Eric Lipp told NRAblog. "This is one of our opportunities to meet and mix with people who are benefitting from the program, volunteers who are promoting the program, and NRA members yet to learn Eddie's life saving message."

Another popular booth centered on the NRA's Gunsmithing school program. NRAblog has reported on Gunsmithing Instructor Speedy Gonzalez's Speedy Gonzalez of Trinidad State Junior College gunsmithing programquest to create master gunsmiths at Trinidad State Junior College. Gonzalez was joined by other programs.

Pictured at right, several colleges line up on the Exhibit Hall floor to provide information about their respective gunsmithing programs. To find out about a gunsmithing program near you, check out their website at

Earlier in the meeting, NRAblog met some dedicated students from the North Carolina-based Montgomery Community College program at Thursday's National Foundation banquet. The night, filled with promise, prizes, and patriotism, featured a custom made rifle they donated to the NRA Foundation.

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