By Kyle Jillson | May 31 2010 11:00

 A full recap of the 2010 Bianchi Cup, complete with final scores and awards, will be tomorrow and over the rest of the week. In the meantime, have a great Memorial Day.

The Ray Chapmap Speed Star Event is a side event at the Bianchi Cup and is sponsored by the great people at Secure Firearm Products.

At a range of ten yards from the shooter are three Speed Star target plates colored red, white and blue. A firing box of corresponding color is located across from each target. The three stars have steel plates at the ends of each of their five points. The stars are also able to rotate when external force is applied, resulting in the star beginning to spin once its plates get shot off.

Eighteen rounds are used in this event, distributed to three magazines of six rounds each or a speedloader of six rounds each.

As in all events, the starting position is with the firearm holstered and hands at shoulder height.

When the signal to fire is given, the competitor draws and fires at the Red Speed Star from the Red Box before moving on to the White Box and the White Speed Star and finishing at the Blue Box and Blue Speed Star.

Scores are determined by the total time used to knock down the 15 targets. Any plates left on the Speed Stars result in five seconds added per plate.

Last years winners of the Ray Chapman Speed Star Event were:

  • Open: Mike Voight - 11.34
  • Metallic: Kyle Schmidt - 15.26
  • Production: Timothy Theno - 16.53


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