By Kyle Jillson | May 29 2010 13:10
Smith & Wesson's falling plate event at the 2010 Bianchi Cup on NRAblog

The final event that competitors must shoot in for the Bianchi Cup is the Falling Plate event.

Sponsored by Smith & Wesson, the event is pretty straight forward. Six target plates are placed on a beam downrange and, as always, the holstered firearm with hands shoulder high is the starting position.

At the sound of a horn, competitors will fire one round at each target trying to knock them down within the allotted time. This procedure is then repeated before shooters move back to the next distance.

Rounds are fired from ranges of 10, 15, 20 and 25 yards at 8” round metal plates that are spray painted white. Like the other events, 48 rounds are fired in this event.

Just like in the Practical Event, shooters are allowed to fire from a standing or prone position, although they must be standing and in the starting position before moving to prone with the signal to shoot is given.

Last year’s winners of Falling Plate were:

  • Open: Craig Ginger 480-116x 
  • Metallic: Rob Leathan 480-86x 
  • Production: John McNally 450-45x


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