By Kyle Jillson | May 29 2010 07:10
The Colt Speed Event during the 2010 Bianchi Cup on NRAblog

Today's event is sponsored by Colt

Unlike the other events, not every competitor shoots the Colt Speed Event. This match consists of the top four finishers from the Match X results in each of the Open, Metallic and Production Divisions for a total of 12 competitors. The top four Women and top two Senior and Junior shooters are also invited to this event. 

Two competitors occupy their own three sq. ft. firing areas and look ten yards downrange at four knock-down plates and one stop-plate that is attached to a timer. Unlike in Falling Plate, the plates in this event can be placed varying heights. A maximum of six rounds may be shot at the targets, allowing for competitors to miss once and still hit all the plates

Narrowed down to 12, the competitors are seeded according to the luck of the draw and participate in a double elimination bracket. Shooters go head to head with the fastest time advancing until one out of the final two competitors wins three times.

Last years winners for the Colt Speed Event were:

  • Open: Doug Koenig
  • Metallic: Rob Leatham
  • Production: Dave Sevigny
  • Women's: Jessie Harrison
  • Junior: Jordan Dick
  • Senior: John Pride 



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