By Kyle Jillson | May 28 2010 14:28
Sig Sauer shooter at the Moving Target Event  at Bianchi Cup 2010 on NRAblog

The moving target event is sponsored by Sig Sauer this year.

In Moving Target, a target moves from behind a barricade traveling 60 feet laterally in six seconds before disappearing behind another barricade. It will then travel the length again coming from the opposite direction

A clearly marked three sq. ft. firing area is located at the center of the target’s run. As with all the events at the Bianchi Cup, the starting position is with the firearm holstered and the shooter’s hands held shoulder high. When the target appears from behind the barricade, firing may commence.

This sequence occurs at 10, 15, 20 and 25 yard ranges. Also like the other events in the Binachi Cup, 48 total rounds are fired at the NRA AP-1 target.

Last year’s Barricade winners were:

  • Open: Bruce Piatt 480-41x
  • Metallic: Greg Davis 480-26x
  • Production: Dave Sevigny 467-24x


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