By Kyle Jillson | May 28 2010 05:53

An australian shooter during the Barricade Event at the Bianchi Cup on NRAblog

Sponsored by Safariland, the Barricade Event is the a little more of a tactical event than Practical. A number of six-foot high, two-foot wide barricades sit at different distances from the targets on this range. Each barricade has a 2’x3’ firing area on the up range side that the competitor must be completely within when shooting.

Two NRA AP-1 targets sit downrange that the competitor faces with their firearm holstered and the palms of both hands on the face of the barricade.

Once the targets turn to the shooters, six rounds are fired at the target on the matching side of the barricade that the shooter is standing (e.g. the shooter firing from the left side of the barricade will aim at the left of the two targets).

When the targets turn to face up range again, the shooter fires six rounds at the remaining target from the matching side of the barricade.

This process is done at ranges of 10, 15, 25 and 35 yards. When all is said and done, 48 rounds have been fired by each competitor.

Last year’s winners for the Barricade Event were:

  • Open: Lee Webb 480-48x
  • Metallic: Rob Leatham 480-36x
  • Production Jess Christensen 455-28x



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