By Kyle Jillson | May 27 2010 10:15

A member of the German shooting team prepares to start the Practical Event at the Bianchi cup on NRAblogSponsored by Universal Coin & Bullion this year, the Practical Event is most similar to regular target shooting that those who visit a shooting range will be familiar with.

Two targets are downrange of the shooter, who starts with their firearm holstered and hands shoulder high. The signal to commence fire occurs when the targets turn to face the shooters. One round is shot at each target within a certain time period before the targets turn away. At the second signal, two rounds are fired at each target followed by three rounds each on the third.

Shooters are allowed the fire from either the standing or prone position, although if prone is selected the competitor must still be in the starting position before moving to prone when the signal to fire is given.

This course of fire is done at 10, 15, 25 and 50 yards with the time periods increasing the further back a competitor is.

All told, 48 rounds are put into two NRA AP-1 targets.

Last year’s winners of the Practical Event were:

  • Open: Doug Koenig 480-46x
  • Metallic: Phil Strader 476-36x
  • Production: Dave Sevigny: 453-18x
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