By Lars Dalseide | April 22 2010 14:32

Phil Schreier talks about the LeMat Revolver at the Tulsa Arms Show on NRAblogCurator’s Corner comes to us again from Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show. This week’s special comes to us not from the museum, but from a collector. It's a Civil War favorite – the LeMat Revolver.

The revolver was Dr. Jean LeMat of New Orleans, whose initial attempts for a military contract were met with resistance until the outbreak of the Civil War. Thanks to his father-in-law, a deal was struck with the Confederacy and production was underway. Due to the South’s lack of manufacturing, it was decided that the LeMat would be produced in France. Unfortunately for them, only a little over 2,000 of these guns made their way past the Union naval blockades.

What makes the LeMat special is that it is two guns in one – a revolver and a shotgun. Each had nine shots from either a .42 or .36 caliber pistol as well as a single 16 gauge buckshot from the lower barrel. Although, as Senior Curator Doug Wicklund mentioned, it’s better to shoot the buckshot first, because the pistol shots have a way of jarring the buckshot loose.

For the full story on the LeMat, join the guys from the National Firearms Museum tonight at 10:20 p.m. EST as Curator's Corner hits the airwaves on and Sirius Patriot channel 144.


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