By Lars Dalseide | April 17 2010 05:50

NRA News broadcast studioThose of you counted among the loyal viewers of NRANews – broadcast every weeknight from 9pm to midnight eastern time – should be familiar with the picture on the right. That's the actual NRANews studio where host Cam Edwards interviews guests and shares the latest firearm stories of the day.

The picture was taken during Executive Producer John Popp's traditional pre-show rundown. He checks the cameras, adjusts the lighting, sets the show clock, and so on. But even if you know the show you're probably not familiar with the shot below. That's the control room – where the magic really happens.

Behind the scenes at NRA NewsThe technical staff here leaves nothing to chance. Everything heard or seen on the show – from the music to the graphics to the phone calls – is the result of this talented behind-the-scene team.

NRAblog stopped by earlier this week for a meeting with Executive Producer John Popp. Fresh off the road from his coverage of the Wanenmacher Tulsa Arms Show, Popp took a few minutes to talk about NRANews coverage of upcoming events, like the Annual Meeting in Charlotte, National Rifle & Pistol Championships at Camp Perry, and the National Police Shooting Championships in Albuquerque.

They'll have to pare down the equipment list when hitting the road for all those locations, but there will still be plenty of gadgets and gizmos on hand to make sure that the best product possible makes it to the airways. And with any luck, NRAblog will be there to provide the rest of the story.

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