By Danielle Sturgis | March 29 2010 05:45
Dr. Georg Plenikowski, Dieter Anschutz and Kayne Robinson from the NRA

A special thanks to Dr. Georg Plenikowski, President of Nammo, for sharing this picture with NRAblog. From left to right: Plenikowski, NRA Executive Director of General Operations Kayne Robinson, Deputy Executive Director Andrea Cerwinske, NRA President Ron Schmeits, and  ANSCHÜTZ's Dieter Anschütz.

Plenikowski and Anschütz met with NRA executives, talking about the firearms industry and competitive shooting.

"The NRA has many great friends around the world, including Anschütz," Robinson said. "They are a true leader of the industry."

"What a gentleman," Schmeits said of Anschütz, noting the Anschütz Rifle won 9 of the 10 Olympic events. "His production of the Anschütz Rifle is superior... A gun equally impressive as he is."

Here's a little more about ANSCHÜTZ, per their website:

Since its foundation, ANSCHÜTZ stands for innovation and perfection. This has not changed through the years. The name ANSCHÜTZ is inseparably connected with innumerable national and international shooting triumphs. Last but not least the pioneering efforts in biathlon shooting have made the name ANSCHÜTZ recognized all over the world. ANSCHÜTZ products enjoy an extraordinary and worldwide reputation because of their precision, workmanship and accuracy. This is what president Jochen Anschütz – continuing the tradition – puts as a benchmark for the future, to ensure that the long history of ANSCHÜTZ continues to give good memories far into the future.
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