By Danielle Sturgis | March 23 2010 08:15

Marty Groves and Linda Watson

Texans Marty Groves and Linda Watson blend in with their fellow attendees at this weekend’s NRA Range Development and Operations Conference. Unlike many of their peers, however, this duo has one major roadblock crossed off their list: “We have an investor,” Watson said.

The Haslet, TX-based couple are NRA Certified Instructors who take their Second Amendment rights very seriously. Their training company, Crossfire Training offers students a wide variety of courses, and specializes in concealed carry classes, which they have been teaching since 2001.

“If you want to get a (Texas) Concealed Handgun License, and know nothing at all about handguns, we will take you from “beginner” to “licensed” in only two Saturday sessions,” they say on their website.

Groves has more than 30 years of experience reloading metallic cartridges, so we don’t blink when he gives his position as “Reloading Guru.” Groves works at Cabela’s in Fort Worth, and Watson works as a Network Analyst. “I work between six and seven days a week, balancing (my fulltime job) and all the courses we teach,” Watson said.

Before long, the pair will have their plan in place – Watson estimates the indoor facility will be up and running in the Fort Worth area in early 2011.

But for now, Groves and Watson are settling into Day Three of the first Range Development and Operations Conference of the year.

“The big reason we’re here is to learn how to make the business plan,” Watson said. “Our investor wants to see a business plan.”

Linda Watson met the Gunny, R. Lee Ermey, at SHOT Show 2010 for NRAblog.
Linda Watson met the Gunny, R. Lee Ermey, at SHOT Show 2010.
“We’re gun people, not business people,” she said with a laugh. 

The couple have good things to say about the conference thus far: “This has been intense,” Watson said of the Business Plan section of the conference. “(Bill Brice) is very detailed, I’m learning lots, probably lots more than I will remember,” Watson said.

“But I’m taking really good notes.”

Groves has faith that what they are learning this week will translate into success back home. “We’re going to scrap (our current business plan) and start over,” he said.

Groves has a bit of a following in the area, and his connections are making it easy to plan ahead. “We’ve had a ton of people volunteer to come help us,” he said. “’I’ll work for you if you give me a place to shoot,’ is what we’re hearing.”

As to how their new plans will affect his current employer, Groves believes there is a niche for both businesses.

“Cabela’s doesn’t cater to concealed carry,” Groves added.


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