By Lars Dalseide | March 13 2010 10:35

Orlando, Florida - He's been with the NRA for about three years, his title is "Range Services Coordinator," and he was one of the more popular speakers here at Club University in Orlando, Florida. Why do I think he was one of the more popular speakers? Because Eric Whitescarver was taking so many questions that we had to pull him off the stage.

"Sometimes they're interested and sometimes they're not," said Eric. "It all depends on the priorities of the crowd."

Range Services provides assistance for general range topics such as design, construction, maintenance and operations. And sometimes they can provide a little bit more.

"We've got a guy who is an audio design specialist -- he's an expert on sounds," Eric explained. "Most of his days are spent working on-site at race tracks, football stadiums, airports -- any place where there's a lot of noise. We like to call on him if a neighbor is complaining about the noise coming from your range. He can either show you how to fix or dampen the sound or demonstrate if your range falls within state or county parameters. How's that for service."

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