By SFriel | March 13 2010 11:45
Across the nation, more than 65,000 people hold certification as NRA Instructors. Only about 3,000 of these NRA Certified Instructors are women, and the  NRA wants to know why. 

A woman-only Focus Group is underway at NRA Headquarters this weekend. Eleven of the top female NRA Certified Instructors traveled from all over the country to participate.

Education & Training Division Director Bill Poole says once they know more about this trend, his staff will be hard at work to reverse it. “We've noticed women, and youths of either gender, are more receptive to female NRA Certified Instructors,” Poole said, noting that both female instructors and students have been increasing "gradually" over the years.

“We're interested to hear from women about how we can further encourage women’s participation in both the shooting sports and the Certified Instructor Program," Poole said. 

"Hearing from women" is exactly what's happening this weekend. Among other things, E&T is seeking the female perspective on how to increase women’s participation in the Certified Instructor program.

Upon conclusion of the session, E&T staff will meet to discuss the results. One idea they are already considering is the creation of a business model specifically geared towards women. The business model will provide women with a targeted plan to incorporate the Certified Instructor program into their already busy lives.

Stay tuned to for more on this topic.


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