By Danielle Sturgis | March 11 2010 06:50

Sydney Duncan's badge display

Ann Marie Foster was thrilled to share the following news with NRAblog: "This young lady, Sydney Duncan, recently obtained Distinguished Expert.   "She's a hunter, too!" Foster said.

“This has been a great program and I have really enjoyed the challenge," Duncan told Foster. Above, Duncan has carefully collected and preserved each of her badges.

Sydney Duncan"I started shooting at 8 years old and hunting with my Dad. From the very beginning I loved it dearly," Duncan continued. "Now at 15, I am a avid hunter and a accomplished competition skeet shooter. I think everyone should try shooting sports and this program provides structure and goals to keep you on track."

"It has taught me patience and self-discipline like nothing else I have ever done," Duncan said. "I plan to support the NRA and continue shooting for the rest of my life. Look for my Distinguished Expert application in rifle and handgun very soon."

We'll keep you updated on this talented young lady! Learn more about the Winchester/NRA Qualification program here.

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