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Cannon keeps NRA working in West Texas

Jack Cannon

Friends of NRAEvent Services Coordinator Nicole McMahon brings readers asmany profiles of Field Representatives as possible. Nicole worksdirectly with NRA Field Representatives and this week introduces us to Area 47's Jack Cannon, the West Texas Representative.

 Nicole McMahon: What geographic area do you cover?
Jack Cannon: West Texas - west of a line from Wichita Falls and south to Eagle Pass.

NM: When was the start of your career as a NRA field rep?
JC: January 22, 2007

NM: What drew you to the job?
JC: The location and what the job was doing - supporting the 2nd Amendment. I had someone come up to me the other day telling me he thought the NRA was just about guns. It’s more than just guns- the NRA works to protect your rights. If somebody out there can wield an eraser and take away one of your rights, what’s stopping them from taking away this one?

NM: What is the most unique part about the area you represent?
JC: It ranges from dry desert country to mountains (yes, there ARE mountains in Texas) to lakes to woods to the south plains. As varied as the territory is, the people are just as varied.

NM: What would you say is your average traveled miles per year?
JC: 50,000

NM: What is the best part of your job?
JC: To watch the volunteers work hard all year long on their banquets and then have an opportunity to give away that money at the State Fund Committee grant meeting. Each volunteer is working to provide the most money they can for his or her area to support the future of the shooting sports. One of the grants we gave out this year was to the Tom Greene County 4-H for $7,000. We received thank-you cards from them telling us how excited they were that they actually had money to improve and expand their program for the first time! It’s a great feeling for us to see the results of our efforts.

NM: Do you have a particularly memorable story about a banquet from your area?
JC: Last year we had two ladies bidding pretty aggressively against each other on a deer lamp in the live auction. One of the ladies called out to her husband, “How high can I go?” I couldn’t make out what the husband said, but she ended up out bidding the other lady for $800. Out of curiosity, I asked her how high her husband said she could bid, she responded, “Until she stops!” I think this shows you how supportive our attendees are willing to be at our banquets.

NM: Is there anything else about your experience you’d like to share?
JC: There’s a great bunch of people on my committees. It amazes me how hard-working they are on their banquets. I truly appreciate and thank every single one of them!

Attend a 2010 Friends of NRA event in West Texas! Contact NRA Field Representative Jack Cannon at (325) 617-4460 or for more information.

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