By Lars Dalseide | February 19 2010 16:25

Moe Aguilar, NRA YHEC Coordinator If you're looking for an opportunity to take the kids hunting for the first time, what about a Mentored Youth Hunt like the one this weekend at Pintail Point in Maryland? With any luck, you might find someone like Moe Aguilar there to lend a hand.

A youth hunter instructor, as well as NRA's Coordinator for YHEC, Moe never misses a chance to take part in such a program. "It's a great way to get them into the field and out from behind the television," said Moe. "These hunts also show the kids that there's more to hunt than whitetail deer."

Pintail Point's Mentored Youth Hunt starts early Saturday with a orientation, safety review, and a chance to shoot sheet under the eye of seasoned instructions. "We like the show them how it feels to shoot a moving object before taking them into the field," explained Moe. Then the real fun begins.

All those at Pintail Point this weekend will leave the skeet range for a chance to bag a mallard. And for a lucky few, their lives really change in the field. "You should see the look on their face," said Moe. "Excitement, pride, feeling of accomplishment. They just couldn't be any happier." A few hours later they'll return to review, clean the birds, and head on home.

For more information on Youth Mentored Hunts, contact your state's Department of Natural Resources. To hear more about Maryland's Youth Mentored Hunt program, contact Patricia Allen at 410-260-8537. "Call these people," said Moe. "They are there to help. And if they're anything like Patricia, they'll prove to be an invaluable resource for the community."

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