By Danielle Sturgis | February 8 2010 15:49

NRA Tactical Police Competition The 2010 Tactical Police Competition on June 19 – held right here in Fairfax – now has online registration.

To register, go here and fill in the blanks. SAVE it on your computer, and then email a copy of your saved file as an e-mail attachment to

Not sure if Tactical Police Competition (TPC) is for you? You don't have to be an NRA member to enter this match, but you must have military or law enforcement credentials. These will be required before you are able to compete. No competition guns are required; your duty gun is adequate. The nice folk in Law Enforcement Competition even have loaner patrol rifles and shotguns they'll be happy to share.

"TPC incorporates competitive-based skill and scenario training to allow you to practice and evaluate your ability using duty firearms and gear in hypothetical, police related encounters," NRA Law Enforcement Activities Division direct Glen Hoyer told us. No competition or 3-Gun Experience is necessary. Basically, all you need are your duty guns & gear, ammunition, and a desire to learn and have fun.

If you excel, you will be rewarded: this match features a Pre-Determined prize table format with lots of gun and gear prizes. The table's value is estimated to exceed $18,000.

This program is for ALL levels of officers and is a perfect opportunity for you to see what these matches are about, meet fellow officers, exchange ideas, and see firearms and equipment used by other officers in action.

This match is made possible by sponsorship from the Remington Outdoor Foundation and our NRA Law Enforcement Competition sponsor partners.

For more information, call the NRA Tactical Police Competition program at 703-267-1632.

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